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Repost Subscriber Suggestion: Getting more from this listserve

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    Repost Subscriber Suggestion: Getting more from this listserve

    Originally Posted on Estate Planning Discussion Forum by gelunn on 12/15/2012

    I am starting this thread as a place for people to post suggestions for improving these forums.

    I am loving the software -- it's the same software as my favorite baseball listserve. BUT there is one feature that most people are not using that they should start using. If you click on "my profile" at the top of your screen then click on the small pencil icon next to "location" then you can add your location. If you do this, then when you post a question, then everyone else will be able to better understand the state law that you must deal with.

    It only takes a minute do this, and once you do it then people don't have to guess things like whether you live in a CP state and what level of asset protection exists in your state.
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